Conversational English in the Makerspace

When I first was planning my makerspace, I set a goal for myself to find at least 3 ways for each subject to use the makerspace in the standards/lessons they already teach. Well, while I was far from reaching my goal, some really great ideas came out of that brainstorming. One of them was working …

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Makery Things (A quick post)

Today I have a grand total of 8 students in our makerspace after school. With the exception of two students working together on stamping and crafts, everyone is working on their own project. A smattering of projects: One student is making a helmet from parts of a paper box and aluminum foil, another is creating …

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Fall: A Time to be Busy (and Remember What We Do)

I don't know about you, but fall is always incredibly busy for me as a librarian. Between orientation, starting to collaborate with teachers, and attending conferences, every moment is good, but every moment is full, too. Through the course of the last month or so, I've experienced and reflected on many things that I've been wanting …

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